Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Great little video of new products now availalbe Gee, I wish I knew how to post this more beautifully! I guess I don' know all the ins and outs of blogger. This is a little video one of my friends put together.............have fun!

Or just start reading down through my posts to see the details. Whew, this took a lot out of me! I must thank Brenda for her recent post that inspired me and her details were so precise and helpful. I was too busy screaming with excitement. Brenda was taking notes like crazy!

Jewelry? You betcha!

Keep your kiddies, grandbabies, memories or even colorfull decorations in these amazing Heritage Jewelry Keepsakes. Everyone who attended Reunion got a bracelet so I can say WOW, they are cool.

Raising Heroes

The third segment of the new product introductions at Reunion 2009 is part storybook, part DVD! Introducing our HISTORY HEROES SERIES of storybooks and DVDs that will bring world history to life for you child. Teach the values and character traits of these respected icons in history and help your child emulate them.

How many of you admire a historical figure and wish your child would learn to idolize someone like George Washington instead of Spiderman? Skip the domination by Disney cartoon characters and let your children learn from the real heroes of our history such as Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller, Joan of Arc and Harriet Tubman.

Choose any of the 20 different Hero DVDs for $24.95 each. Two 10-video Collections or the complete 20-DVD set are also available (see me for pricing).

The 7.5x10 size storybook has two Basic templates that let you showcase "The Hero in You" or "Our Family Heroes." Get the storybook publishing credit with an accompanying DVD of your choice for only $69.95.

Don't just entertain...educate! And inculcate values of endurance, sacrifice, honesty, determination, and such in your child. You'll be making the world a better place and possibly shaping the future history of our world!

New Calendar Size

Want more room to write on your own custom calendar or just want to make your photos even larger to display on the wall of your home or office? Our new 11x16 single-sided calendar is your best bet for visual appeal & functional calendar use for 365 days! What a great gift that lasts & is useful! Perfect for those people who don't need more "stuff" in their life! Vibrant full-color with durable wire binding and the hook to hang it up.

Choose this new larger size for just $34.95 retail or $31.95 through me. The standard size 11x8.5 double-sided calendar is also still available at just $29.95 retail or $26.95 through me!

New Canvas size! Yahoo!

Already popular in 16x20 and 20x24 sizes, this new square version will likely prove to be a hit as well. Deck your halls with your own family photos, artwork and designs done in Heritage Studio. All of our canvas prints come gallery-wrapped delivered to your door and ready to hang. UV coating adds protection but it's also covered by our Heirloom Assurance Guarantee (like everything we sell!).

This new size retails for $99.95 but is just $89.95 through me. Get the 16x20 for $89.95 ($80.95) and the 20x24 for $109.95 ($98.95)!

Swatch books

Not just for paint samples any more! This is like a "fan deck".
Design your own to feature family photos, favorite recipes, addresses, business reference, or whatever you want! It's 5.75x3.5 inches with 10 double-sided pages (non-expandable) with a corner post and clear protective cover sheets. Basic & Premier templates are already available with more to come soon! Or you can design your own. I can't wait to see the fun things people do with these things! Retail price is $19.95 but I can get it for you at $17.95. A perfect gift under $20!

Board Books

Much in demand, the toddler-friendly design is finally here! This 8x8-size storybook features 32 pages (non-expandable) with sturdy pages in a unique lay-flat, no-gutter design. It retails for $59.95 but ordering through me (your consultant) means it's just $53.95! Just has Basic & Premier templates for a boy or girl version of "I'm a VIP" to help build a child's self worth! Or..........create your own!

These are not your average board book however. These have our beautiful laminated cover that all our books have -- the pages are not heavy cardboard (heavy for little hands) but a thicker page for easy turning.

Improved Photo Management

The first thing that me dang excited was the announcement about the latest enhancement to our online Heritage Studio...improved photo management! Now this may not seem like truly amazing news but it's a HUGE help for those who have many, many gigabytes worth of photos stored in albums on my HM account. (Gotta love unlimited storage for Premier accounts!)

What's new with PHOTO MANAGEMENT includes 3 big things:
1) Shows filenames now...if you don't rename your JPGs, this won't matter to you but if you've already classified those baby pics as 6 months, 8 months, etc., you'll be thrilled! Plus, you can click to name them right in the Editor window so if you know which pic has eyes open, you can name it "best" or something and it'll show that way for quicker, easier reference later. Plus, all filenames are shown in alphabetical order so it's a snap to find the shots you want, even in a big photo album.

2) Foldering...create sub-folders for Family, Friends, Holidays and such to better classify your albums & pics into additional groups or categories. Drag in specific images to make a whole folder of a certain event or person to make it easy to find them fast when you want.

3) Sharing you can email anyone (even people without HM accounts) your uploaded photo albums so they can see your latest pics. Put in their address and a personal note. It will go to them and let them view them easily. If they want to create an account of their own, they can but it's not required to view your pics.

PUBLISHING PERKSTwo new upgrades have been added as well. These special options are FREE for all Premier members and just $2.95 (total) for Basic members. Your choice at the time of checkout. Neat!
1) MATTE FINISH COVERS: If you don't like the high gloss look of our laminated hardcovers, now you can choose a flatter matte look instead. It can still be wiped off too!
2) BLACK END PAGES: This adds a classy flair to the front & back of your books if you prefer it over the standard white end pages. The vellum front sheet will stay!

This one may not be as obvious for an improvement, but the white work area around your pages will show up your text boxes and elements much better so they won't get lost when you drag them off to the edges for use later.

DESIGN DOUBLE-PAGE SPREAD LAYOUTS IN STUDIOThis is another huge enhancement that will make many designers very happy. Currently we can only view and design one side of a page at a time in the Editor, which makes it a bit challenging to be creative with full spreads and elements that cross the gutter. But with 2 of our newest just-released products, this design option will be offered. The developers are working to roll it out for all our storybooks in Studio soon!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

I just returned from our annual Heritage Makers Reunion in Las Vegas -- what a treat it was. Along with being inspired and motivated EVEN MORE about preserving heritage and bringing friends and family together through the power of story -- I had fun with all my "sister consultants" from across the country.

So many new products and things to show you!

A NEW 20x20 Canvas, New Board books (for little ones)new 11x17 calendars, New Swatch books, New History Heroes product line, Heritage Jewelry (jewlery that holds photos) and... wow. I 'll try to get photos on here ASAP! Just wanted to get the word out NOW!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

$1.70 Cards -- Make some!

Are you still buying your cards at WalMart, Target or Hallmark? Are you enjoying the experience as you plunk down $3-5 a card for something that someone else created for ANYONE? With me, you can create BEAUTIFUL cards for just $1.70! Your friends and family will never receive the same card from anyone else! Here's a link to Lauren's birthday card this year -- just 3 days after she became a mommy herself. I put in some pictures of her as a baby - the same age as her little Ryan. This took me minutes to do and send.

Yes, it's true.

Well, you don't have to do this anymore. I have an wonderful promotion running right now where you can create and send beautiful cards to anyone on your list. Birthdays, anniversaries, thank you's, sympathy -- you name it you can send it!
Not only can you create the card - custom picture(s) and text but you can also direct ship right to your loved one for a mere .20 extra. No envelope licking, no stamp adhering - just with the click of a button, you are done!
Just email me or give me a call as this promotion ends on September 16th!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Proclamation Poster

A great addition to your home is a beautiful poster such as this one I just did in about 15 minutes! This is a template that I have and can transfer to your very own Heritage Makers account. This was so very easy -- just swap out the photo's and your done! The dimensions are 18x24 and guess what? It's under $20 with tax! I did one like this with my parents wedding pictures and popped it in to a beautiful dark cherry frame. WOW!
For those of you who don't know what the "Proclamation" is, click here to view it in detail. It's a a proclamation to the world of what we as LDS people believe about life, family and marriage.
If the Proclamation just doesn't suit you, you can swap out this text section with a favorite quote, scripture or your family values.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Christmas in July!

Yes, at Heritage Makers we always celebrate Christmas in JULY! It's the perfect time to get the wheels rolling for Christmas. I know it sounds crazy but projects take planning time. So, we start off in July -- With our BUY 3 get the 4th FREE special you will save BIG!

  1. Make a list of everyone you plan to gift to this Christmas.

  2. Have an idea of how much you'd like to spend on each person

  3. Give me a call to see what you can do with Heritage Makers to give a meaningful gift that won't end up at a garage sale 3 years from now.

Here are some ideas for you:

Posters - for as little as $9.95 you can make a beautiful poster (12x18) that highlights your special person or event. Did you celebrate something special this year? I'm sure something memorable happened in you life or the life of someone you love. You can purchase poster frames rather inexpensively and wow....for about $20 you have a gift that is priceless.

Playing Cards -- for $20 you can custom design a full 52 card deck! You can put family pictures on the playing cards so when you play games, you're reminded of those you love. You can make matching games, travel games -- the options are endless.

Storybooks (of course) a dedication book, memory book, family recipes, favorite quotes, testimonies -- you name it, it goes in a custom created book!

Need something small and VERY inexpensive? For just a few dollars you can take a "postcard" style card and share a favorite picture and quote - pop a frame on it and WOW -- so personalized! check out the template gallery that has over 1000 ideas for you and because they are templates you can just "drag and drop" or tweak it a little to make it your own!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

50th Wedding Anniversary for my parents

June 20th we had a wonderful 50th anniversary celebration for my parents in SLC, Utah. It was so fun to have Heritage Makers at my finger tips to create some AMAZING things to display atthe party.

This is the table "conversation cards" we used to get the guest talking during dinner. These are made from the deck of Playing Cards. The backs were all the same picture of my parents wedding day. The insides were questions for the guests to talk about. Everything from favorite foods to favorite vacation spots to favorite actors -- here is the sample. The guests LOVED THIS and many of them took the cards home!

I also made 20 different 8.5x11 pages that were on display that had the happenings of 1959, the year they were married. Everything from the Economy and Technology to the Academy Awards. Another hit with the guests. And of course, a Beautiful 16x20 Canvas of the

And of course, A new wedding album with all their photos that I had scanned in. I used a template and just dragged and dropped my photos in, deleted pages I didn't want, changed some text and Voila' it was done! just click this link to view it!

Then we sent each guest off with a Thank You and special message from Mom and Dad-- this is cut from a 12x12 - 4 to a page so the dimensions are roughtly 6x6.

Monday, March 2, 2009

CLUB PREMIER.....for a year!

This is the most wonderful special I have seen Heritage Makers run yet. A whole year of Premier for $99. Usually it is $19.95 a month, but buy a year membership and it's roughly $9 a month. Premier is the ultimate for digital storybooking as you have over 35,000 elements to use - over and over again! And every month they add more packages!

It's like having a membership to the scrapbook store for a monthly fee. You can go in and use everything they have, only to have the shelves instantly restocked for you! Or you can go in and take one sticker. The sky is the limit baby!

If you've been pondering this phenomenon I speak of often -- Storybooking -- this is the time to jump on board. You'll wonder why it took so long for you to join me.