Thursday, July 8, 2010

Alberts family playing cards

I just designed this custom deck of playing cards for my daughter and her little family.   Now because it's done it can be used as a template for anyone else.  Just drop your own photos in and you're done!  These are GREAT for gifts.

We have many templates in theTemplate Gallery.  Just select the filter to "playing cards" and take a peek at what you can do!

LDS YM & YW posters

These are done on our very high quality and sturdy individual sheet  I just did these on a white background to start.  I think the Young Women's one looks best on white becuase of the value colors.

The Purposes of the Aaronic Priesthood -- I think this should be on a color so I'll get going on those.

Friday, July 2, 2010

ABC's of life Canvas

This is an 8x20 canvas I just finsihed this morning -- In about 30 minutes!  Yes, that quick!  How????   It was a template (already completed project) that a friend transfered to me.  I made a few word changes, a few more embellishments and Voila' -- Finis!!!!  ((((Thank you Terry Kempfert).

The ideas are now rolling through my head like a freight train so what for more of these little darlings!  Next stop?  The "boy" version.

Our canvas is beautiful and comes to you wrapped on a frame so they are wall or gift-giving ready to go. 

Right now we are running some great pricing on canvas too (in prep for the holiday season)    For $99 your can get TWO of the 8x20 sizes.  What a deal!