Friday, July 2, 2010

ABC's of life Canvas

This is an 8x20 canvas I just finsihed this morning -- In about 30 minutes!  Yes, that quick!  How????   It was a template (already completed project) that a friend transfered to me.  I made a few word changes, a few more embellishments and Voila' -- Finis!!!!  ((((Thank you Terry Kempfert).

The ideas are now rolling through my head like a freight train so what for more of these little darlings!  Next stop?  The "boy" version.

Our canvas is beautiful and comes to you wrapped on a frame so they are wall or gift-giving ready to go. 

Right now we are running some great pricing on canvas too (in prep for the holiday season)    For $99 your can get TWO of the 8x20 sizes.  What a deal!

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